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Have you ever been invited to a friend’s house for dinner and had a really great meal?  The food was delicious, the presentation was something you would see in a fine restaurant and the hostess seemed to be completely at ease in the kitchen. Or, when reading through your recipe books you thought a recipe was far too complicated to make?  Well, guess what.... you can learn to be “such a good cook.”  This web site is designed to help you learn simple cooking techniques with tips to cook healthy meals, easy recipes that have been tested for simplicity and most importantly, amazing taste and flavor all while enjoying the cooking process. Browse through the pages for tips, recipes and health articles. Or join me and my "bleagers" (blog readers) as I detail the experiences of Such A Good Cook on my blog.


Or if you prefer hands on teaching.... you can hire one of our cooks to help you with simple menu planning, shopping list development, efficient grocery shopping, cooking techniques that will help with meal preparation and plate presentation. 


We also offer services on pantry and refrigerator setup and organization. Cooking basics including appliances, pots and pans and kitchen gadgets to make sure you have all the tools to create amazing dishes. 


Today is the day you become...Such A Good Cook. 

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